Monday, March 19, 2012

Chili Guy

“I’ll have a medium chili and a diet Coke” said the man in the car ahead of me to the drive-thru speaker.  The woman on the other end replied “Sorry, we’re all out of chili”.  “WHHAAAAT???!!!” yelled the man, with an incredible look of disgust clearly visible on his face as I watched his reflection in his driver side mirror.  Oh, he was so disappointed!  “How the hell can you not have chili??!!” he asked.  “Sorry, but we’re all out.  Can I get you something else?” she asked.  “NO!!” he yelled, then squealed off in what may have been the first chili-induced rage ever recorded, nearly hitting an unsuspecting pedestrian along the way.  He waved his middle finger at the woman as he passed the pick-up window, as though she was personally responsible for the restaurant’s failure to maintain adequate supplies of chili.  I had never seen anything quite like this.  With a puzzled look on her face, I could see her mouth the words “Jerk!” after he had passed, then she turned to vent her frustration with her co-workers.

With the excitement over, I slowly pulled up to the drive-thru speaker.  “Hello, welcome to Wendy’s.  What can I get you?” she asked.  Although I did not want chili, I rarely pass on an opportunity to be a smart-ass, so I replied, “Hi, can I have 4 large chilis please?”  There was no response.  After what seemed like a very long pause, I ended the silence.  “Actually on second thought, I’ll just have a single with cheese combo”.  Perhaps it wasn't so funny after all.  I hope she didn’t spit on my burger.      


  1. Awesome. Wendy's ruined my day last week when they ran out of baked potatoes. They gave the last one to the woman in front of me! Argh!

  2. Hmmm... where were you yesterday around noon, and do you like chili?