Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby On Board

I'll never understand why over-protective parents feel the need to put those stupid "Baby on Board" stickers on the back window of their minivans.  Unless the baby is driving, I don't need to know you have a baby in there, or are you expecting me to turn down my stereo and drive by you quietly, just in case the baby is sleeping?  Please.  I don't care who's in your car any more than you care who's in mine.  You can go ahead and remove that sticker any time now.  And while you're at it, remove those even more stupid stickers that tell everyone how many people you have in your family, what sex they are, how many pets you have, whether your son plays hockey, whether your daughter figure skates, whether your family has been to Disneyland, etc...  You're afraid to post your picture on Facebook, yet you give everyone who drives behind you all that personal information about your family.  Real smart.

And while we're talking about babies, what's the deal with baby corn?  I like regular size corn, I don't know why they needed to make that.  Thanks science.

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