Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Please Mr. Freeze!!

Mr. Freeze season is now upon us!  I like a jumbo sized Mr. Freeze frozen treat every now and then, and really, who doesn’t?  As a kid, I can remember riding my bike up to the convenience store, picking out my favourite flavour from the slide-top freezer, and biting through the top end of the plastic tube to get at the icy goodness that awaited.

Nowadays I rarely ride a bike, and certainly don’t feel the need to bite through the plastic and then stand in the convenience store parking lot while I enjoy my Mr. Freeze.  No, I’ve grown up.  I’ve matured.  Now I just buy a large box of them from the grocery store, stick them in my freezer at home, and can pretty much have one any time I want.  Being an adult is awesome that way!

But with the good comes the bad.  While I now have a supply of Mr. Freeze’s right in my home, I no longer have the luxury of purchasing only those flavours that I really like.  The orange, purple and red ones are the best of the bunch, no question about it.  The white, blue and pink ones are second class Mr. Freeze’s at best, and are usually the last ones to get eaten.  They’re okay I guess, because even a white Mr. Freeze is better than no Mr. Freeze at all, but if given a choice, I’d always stick to one of my top three flavours without hesitation.  I think most people would agree with me on that one.

Having gone through a fair number of boxes of Mr. Freeze’s through the years, I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern though, one that continues to puzzle me to this day.  If everyone likes the orange, red and purple ones the best, why don’t they just give you more of those in the box?  Do these flavours cost more to produce?  I don’t think so.  So why is it like a Willy freakin’ Wonka golden ticket search every time you open a new box of Mr. Freeze’s?  Why do I need to push all the white, blue and pink ones aside to find only a select few of the orange, red and purple ones?  Make more of the good flavours Mr. Freeze!!!  Seriously!!  COME ON!!!!

So if anyone knows any of the head honchos from Mr. Freeze, can you maybe speak with them about this?  I don’t know how many more times I can return home from the grocery store and open up another box of disappointment.  

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  1. I think what we need is a Mr. Freeze trade. You see I dislike the ones you like, and would happily take the ones you don't and as a last resort there is always the option of using these as the "Treat" at Halloween.