Monday, February 13, 2012

Ode to the Grape

From the earth it grows
Nature’s perfect fruit
Bite-size little morsels
Some might even say they’re cute
But with a little stomping
And some time to age
In the barrel it ferments
Waiting to take the stage

When the time is right
Into the bottle it goes
One twist of the little handle
A river of awesomeness flows
The liquid treasure now contained
On goes the cork or screw top
Leaving the vineyard farmer
To think about next years crop 

Shipped out to the general public
Aged 19 years and older
Liquid courage doth await
Those wanting to become much bolder
Red or white or sparkling blend
They’re all just fine by me
For after a few downed glasses
They all taste swee-to-the-t!

Don’t wait for a special occasion
Who needs a grand celebration?
Open up that bottle fast
And indulge in a little libation
So whether with some friends or kin
Or all alone with your honey
You’ll soon find out it tastes real great
And makes you feel kinda funny

One glass becomes two
And then three, and then four
Put those keys away
‘Cause you ain’t drivin’ no more
Have a good time
But don’t be a poser
If you stumble we will laugh
Beep beep! It's the faildozer!

Waking up the next morning
Your head a wee bit groggy
Be grateful that you didn’t throw up
And your bed sheets are not soggy
I say bite the dog that bit you
And you’ll be feeling fine
So grab yourself a glass
And pour some wine baby!  Wine!

**Please drink responsibly**

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