Thursday, February 2, 2012

Parking Etiquette

Random observation made while enjoying a Whopper with cheese combo in the comfort of my Murano.  When eating lunch in your car, the method for choosing a parking spot is surprisingly similar to that of choosing a urinal in a men's restroom.  You never want to park right next to another guy eating his lunch, so if at all possible, leaving at least one or two spaces in between is always preferable.  Eye contact should  be avoided at all times, and you also don't ever want to be caught looking at another man's lunch, so it's best to keep your attention focused elsewhere.  Some guys just don't feel comfortable eating so close to another man, which in extreme cases, causes them to pack up their lunch and try another parking spot, or even an entirely different parking lot, in search of a little more privacy.  Oh, and Burger King onion rings suck.

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