Thursday, February 2, 2012


Pulling up to the drive-thru speaker, I placed my order.  "Crunch wrap supreme, please".  Long pause.  "WHA?????"  I repeated my order.  "Crunch wrap supreme, please".  Another long pause.  "WHA?????"  One of the many great things about this Country of ours is our collective willingness to accept people from far away lands, and welcome them into our culture.  Today, I had the great fortune of attempting to interact with one such welcomed addition.  "Crunch wrap supreme, please" I repeated for the third time.  Yet another long pause.  "You do still have the crunch wrap supreme on the menu, don't you?" I inquired.  "Na, don have ih" she replied, as I dropped my face into the open palms of my hands.  "Okay, how about a 3 piece meal, no wings?" I said, seeing as it was advertised in big bold letters on the menu board, and would surely bring an end to any further confusion.  Slightly shorter pause, followed by a quick mumbled statement of some numbers that I assumed represented the price of my purchase.  I pulled ahead to the window, and paid the ever-so-friendly new-to-this-Country lady, receiving what appeared to be the appropriate change.  "Welcome to the Jungle" played on the radio as I patiently waited.  I tapped my foot to the beat.  "Hee yu goh" she said, as she passed the paper bag through the window into my awaiting hands.  "Thank you, have a nice day" I said, and pulled away.  Arriving back at the office, I took off my jacket, sat down, and opened the bag.  Reminding myself once again how awesome this welcoming Country of ours is, and after taking a deep soothing breath, I ate my chicken sandwich.

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