Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stress Relief

We all have problems and stresses we are forced to deal with in life, of which I've certainly had my fair share.  To clear my mind, and get my thoughts in order, I decided to take a nice leisurely walk down to the pond.  As I strolled along its banks, I paused periodically to gather stones, tossing them into the muddied water, letting my worries just melt away.  Inhale... exhale... breathing in that fresh morning air as the birds chirped, the trees gently swayed, and the butterflies danced gracefully in the breeze, I reminisced of simpler days.  My mind wandered to days gone by, and days still to come.  Finding happiness, and a stronger sense of why I am here, I watched the ripple of the water as each stone skipped along the surface before finally sinking into the depths, taking away with it the stresses I had brought with me.  Relaxed, and at peace with the world around me, I tossed stone, after stone, after stone, until I finally hit the duck!  Yes!!!!  High five!!  Man, that thing just wouldn't shut up!!

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